The 67th Prospect ATCOs’ Branch Annual Delegates’ Conference Calling Notice

In accordance with Rule 6 of The Prospect ATCOs’ Branch, I hereby give notice of the:

67th Annual Delegates’ Conference (2018).

Dates: Friday 16th November 2018 at 1300 hrs to Sunday 18th November 2018 at 1600 hrs.

Venue: Bredbury Hall, Stockport.

Delegates are respectfully requested to ensure that their transport arrangements allow them to remain at Bredbury until the close of Conference (1600 Sunday).

In accordance with Rule 7 I hereby call for the following: –

  • Nominations for Officers of the Branch and other BEC positions.
    Nominations MUST be made online via the ATCOs’ Branch Website.
  • Nominations for Auditors and the Standing Orders Committee.
    Nominations MUST be made online via the ATCOs’ Branch Website.
  • Motions for consideration
    Motions should be submitted online via the ATCOs’ Branch Website.

Closing date for receipt of Nominations and Motions by the SOC is:

Friday 21st September 2018 at 1200 hrs.

Members are reminded that the most recent edition of Branch Policy (Version 1.0, 2018) can be downloaded from the ATCOs’ Branch Website. All previous editions are no longer valid.

In accordance with Rule 8, I also call for the following:

  • Names and contact details of Delegates to ConferenceDelegates MUST be registered online using the form on the ATCOs’ Branch Website.
  • Names of volunteers to act as Tellers, submitted by units. Please register using the Delegate Registration form available on the ATCOs’ Branch Website.

Special dietary requests etc. can be made online and will be automatically forwarded to the Conference Organiser.


  • Members of the BEC are requested to confirm their attendance (or otherwise) and accommodation requirements online using the BEC Registration Form on the ATCOs’ Branch Website.
  • Details of Guests and their accommodation requirements should also be registered by those issuing the invitation using the BEC Registration online form.
  • Branch Members are welcome to observe proceedings.

Delegates and Volunteers must be registered on-line with the SOC by Friday 21st September 2018, 1200 hrs.

The SOC will only accept motions submitted by e-mail in exceptional circumstances. This method should not be used unless absolutely unavoidable.

Matt Flood, Chair SOC: [email protected]

BEC, Section & Unit Reports for inclusion in the Branch Annual Report must be sent no later than 28th September 2018 directly to:

Branch Organiser, Paul Beard: [email protected]

Reports can also be filed directly through the ATCOs’ Branch Website.


Special dietary/accommodation requests should preferably be made using the online form, however the Conference Organiser Lee Moore can be contacted directly at: [email protected]

Members are reminded that Representations under Rule 9 will not be considered unless received by the SOC before:

SUNDAY 11th NOVEMBER 2018 at 1200 hrs.

In accordance with Rule 5, the number of delegates for each unit is as follows: –

Swanwick Area Control 6 Prestwick Centre 5
Swanwick Terminal Control 5 Southampton 1
Luton  1 Heathrow 2
Gatwick 1 Stansted 1
Birmingham  1 London City  1
Barkston Heath 1 Newcastle 1
Farnborough 1 NATS Training 1
Cardiff  1 Belfast  1
Aberdeen  2 Edinburgh  1
Humberside 1 Cambridge 1
Glasgow  1 Manchester Airport  1
Norwich 1 Netherhaven & Middle Wallop 1
NATS HQ/CTC 1 Bristol  1
The Ranges 1 SLAM 1
St Athan 1 Jersey 1
Gibraltar  1 Airspace Capacity Management 1
Norwich 1 Wattisham 1
Battersea 1 Oxford 1
London (Ashford) 1 Liverpool 1
Southend 1 Gloucester 1
Wittering 1 NATS Specialist Grades 2
Lands End 1    

Paul Beard
Branch Organiser, Communications
& Membership Secretary
Prospect ATCOs’ Branch
27thJuly 2018

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