Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are responsible for being the ATCOs’ Branch lead in their area of expertise. They are responsible for ensuring that Branch policy in their area of specialism is updated as appropriate and that any development in their area are addressed by the Branch.

SMEs can represent the ATCOs’ Branch at meetings with ANSPs, other Unions, regulatory organisations etc. and may be required to attend Conferences, Seminars, Workshops etc. on behalf of the Branch. If required it may be necessary to attend a BEC, GPC or Annual Delegates Conference.

SMEs have a BEC lead who is responsible for their specific area.

Specialist AreaSubject Matter ExpertBEC Lead
Drones/RPAS/UAVsJohn James (LL)Aaron Curtis
Digital TowersEamonn Wylie (LL)Simon Underwood/Aaron Kerr
FatigueMike Reed (TC)Dave Armstrong
Esthi Thurston (PC)
Richard Holmes (LL)
RecruitmentHarvey McVicar (TC)Trevor Johnston
Student LiaisonHarvey McVicar (TC)Trevor Johnston
YPNAbi Rushton (PC)Paul Upton
Diversity & EqualityAndy Manson (PH)John Mills
Steve Heighway (TC)
Professional WomenShelley Gilhespy (TC)Paul Winstanley
Denise Percy (Swanwick)
External LiaisonMike Reed (TC)Paul Winstanley
Health & SafetyGavin Williams (TC)John Mills
MedicalGavin Williams (TC)John Mills
MenopauseSarah Carey (AC)
PensionsClem Lopez (AC)Leo Ruscillo
George Cairns (AC) - DB
Simon Underwood (SS) - DC
Jez Banks (SS) - DC
Andy Rainford (PC) - DB
CommunicationsTrevor Johnston (TC)Paul Beard
Education Co-ordinatorSection ChairsPaul Upton
OPALee Moore (PC)Paul Winstanley
SPAAntony Chilton (AC)Paul Winstanley
Professional StandardsTeam to be notifiedPaul Upton/Dave Armstrong
SafetyJonny McVeigh (AC)Anthony Chilton
Helen Mead (TC)
Al Wade (CC)
Alex Waite (PC)
Legislative CommitteeTBA (AC)Aaron Curtis
Helen Mead (TC)
Lee Moore (PC)
Airports North - Mathew Wright (PD)
Airports Central - Jake Longstaff (AA)
Airports South - Quillon Fox (SS)
Working PracticesLeo Ruscillo (AC)Dave Armstrong
Tony King (PC)
TechnicalCentres - Alex Waite (PC)Nick Livingstone
Centres - Andy Rainford (PC)
Centres – Robin Ewing (AC)
Airports – Nick Livingstone (PD)
Astronautics - Matt Stephenson (PD)
FISOKevin Rough (AC)David Neville
ATMSimon Barry (AC)David Neville
WASCraig Marshall (AC)David Neville
Personal CasesKevin Carter (AC)Nigel Stewart
Leo Ruscillo (AC)
Harvey McVicar (TC)
Ross McAulay (TC)
Gavin Williams (TC)
Aaron Kerr (BB)
Jake Longstaff (AA)
Brenden Mcerlean (PC)
Jon Menice (SS)
Anthony Clarke (Solutions)