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A voice

Prospect’s role in representing you and your colleagues is underpinned by law. Airports where a majority of ATC are Prospect members should recognise the union and negotiate. If you and your colleagues build up membership in sufficient numbers, Prospect will help to try and secure recognition, using the law if necessary. Employers that recognise Prospect are legally obliged to consult the union on changes to working practices, pay and other terms and conditions of employment, TUPE transfers, redundancies and health and safety. In employers that value their employees, we are able to build strong working relationships so that members’ interests are taken into account in decision-making at all levels.

Individual support

You may never expect to have a problem at work – but when you need information, advice or support you’ll be glad you joined Prospect. Thousands of members get help from Prospect each year. Some only want information or reassurance about something happening at work, others need help in dealing with a difficult situation. Prospect provides the right support for you – from a sympathetic ear if you just need to talk something through, to representation if a problem gets serious.

Prospect has a strong track record of helping members to help themselves and successfully resolving issues at work. That’s why we seldom need to resort to employment tribunal claims on behalf of our members. But if we do, you can be sure of high-quality representation through the union’s own staff and our specialist employment law solicitors, at no personal cost to you.

Better off with Prospect

As a Prospect member, you have the benefit of:

  • Advice – we assist members with work-related queries
  • Support and representation – trained case handlers can help to resolve Individual problems for members at work
  • Information – members get regular updates on important issues like pay, terms and conditions, and pensions
  • Fairness – Prospect promotes fair treatment and tackles discrimination
  • Protection – when jobs are threatened in times of change.

How to join Prospect

Sign up online at it only take a few minutes.

For more information contact: [email protected] or call 0300 600 1878 or [email protected].