ATCOs’ Branch Offers Support to NATCA colleagues during US Government Shutdown

As many of you will be aware from the media the US Government is undergoing a lengthy shutdown period at the moment. A consequence of this is that the Air Traffic Controllers and Specialists represented by our sister Union NATCA are currently working without pay. The NATCA members have no choice to but to continue to work to protect the flying public in the US despite the fact that they have no idea when they may next be paid.  The ATCOs’ Branch Chair has today written to the President and Executive Vice President of NATCA offering our support. Additionally, you may have seen in the UK media today that the Canadian Air Traffic Controllers Union and their members have been sending pizzas to their Brothers and Sisters in the US as a show of solidarity. Whilst it is not feasible for us to send fish and chips across the ocean members of the Branch Executive are making donations to send to NATCA to use as they see fit. Should you wish to donate please email [email protected] for details on how to.

ATCOs’ Branch Executive,
14th January, 2019.


Dear Paul and Trish,

To our Brothers and Sisters in NATCA

Prospect ATCOs’ Branch, the union representing Air Traffic controllers and ATM professionals in the UK, would like to share our support with you all during this ongoing Federal shutdown.

For a dedicated group of aviation safety professionals to be treated so poorly by those who would use them as pawns in their political games and take their efforts for granted is unforgivable.

It’s difficult to understand the sacrifices and hardships that so many of your members are currently facing and the anxieties that these concerns must bring. The highest compliment that can be paid to you all is that the flying public in the USA will see no reduction in the service provided to them by the dedication and professionalism of your members who ensure they remain safe when travelling.

We know you will continue to do what you do best, guide them home safely, 365 days, 24 hours a day – providing a safe and efficient service to the flying public. We know they are safe in your hands despite the uncertainties that you face. Safety and Professionalism are in your DNA, it’s what you do, their safety is our profession.

It’s regrettable that the same dedication to serve the people isn’t displayed by President Trump or parts of the US Government.

It is frustrating to watch the ongoing situation knowing we can have little direct influence on your situation. We may be separated by an ocean, but we stand shoulder to shoulder with you in solidarity. You have our support and our friendship, and rest assured your story is being cascaded around the world.

We join together with our Brothers and Sisters globally in calling for an end to this unnecessary shutdown.

In solidarity, as always,

Paul Winstanley,
Chair, Prospect ATCOs’ Branch
#EndTheShutdown #ATCstrong #Solidarity #PoundsAcrossThePond

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