Branch responds to CAA consultations

The Branch recently responded to two CAA consultation documents relating to regulation of NERL. The first is CAP 1639 which sets out the CAA’s aims for a modification of the NERL licence which would allow it to take a more responsive and prescriptive approach to delays attributable to NERL where such delay may be as a result of poor resilience planning. The second is CAP 1634, a draft letter that the CAA will submit to the Secretary for Transport to assure him that in order for the UK TANS market to remain outwith the EU regulatory regime imposed upon NERL, that it remains a contestable market.

Please contact Aaron Curtis ([email protected]) or Eamonn Wylie ([email protected]) for further information.

ATCOs’ Branch Executive
March 2018

Prospect ATCOs’ Branch
response to CAP 1639

Prospect ATCOs’ Branch & ATSS Branch
response to CAP 1634

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