Rome Social Dialogue Toolbox conference

The final conference of the Social Dialogue Toolbox project was held in Rome in September 2019, and was attended by Paul Upton (Branch vice-chair) and Eamonn Wylie (Asst. chair, Int’l & Govt affairs).

This project saw the promotion of the work the three European social partners in ATM (ETF, ATCEUC and CANSO) did on publishing a document to help establish and maintain good social dialogue a couple of years ago. Prospect ATCOs’ Branch played a significant part in the development of this toolbox and much of the material and lesson learning contained therein reflects our own experiences here in the UK and how our industrial relationships are (or at least strive to be) with our own employers.

The project for promotion leading up to the final conference was delivered using the FAB structure where trade union representatives and employers were brought together in workshops across Europe to talk about the importance of good social dialogue, as well as discussing how the toolbox itself would assist both sides in achieving this.

At the final conference, both Paul and Eamonn, along with a member of NATS management, presented to the audience some areas of interest regarding how Working Together happens in NATS; feedback was very positive from a wide spectrum of participants in the room and from many countries where social dialogue arguably does not even take place, at least in a way that we might recognise it here. Discussions will be ongoing to see where we can take the project in the future to further ensure all of us across Europe can take advantage of good industrial relations.

A copy of the Toolbox is available on this website.

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