Ukraine ATC Appeal

'Buy a Patch' – Help Ukraine and our ATC Colleagues

The situation in Ukraine is horrendous, and many people are helping in all sorts of ways. We now have an opportunity to directly help our Ukrainian ATC counterparts as well as the wider effort.

A Tower Controller at Warsaw Airport wanted to help and has designed an 'ATC For Ukraine' patch, with all profits being split between the official Ukrainian Government appeal and a foundation set up to support the Ukrainian ATC families currently living in Poland.

Neil Richards (Heathrow) is coordinating the appeal.

The patch is high quality, velcro backed, and shows the Antonov 225 Mriya or 'Dream' that was sadly destroyed early in the conflict.

Patches cost a minimum of £10 but please feel donate what you can above that.

All money is sent to Ukraine to help the Government appeal and to support Ukrainian Air Traffic Controllers. Please support our colleagues by buying a patch and donating what you can.

Tomek BrudWarsaw Tower Controller and Supervisor, explains further:

'As everyone knows, the situation in Ukraine is intense and changes dynamically. All the operations have been ceased due to military activity, but ATC service is still maintained at the minimum level. All the operational staff that are left (mostly men that are not allowed to travel outside the country) are divided into three groups, they rotate with each other every month. First group is the one that works operationally, the second and third group is either on stand-by shifts with minimum pay or unpaid furlough.

Polish ATCOs together with a special ATC Foundation called Safe Sky have put tremendous effort to helping our colleagues ATC and their families. Over 150 ATCOs family members that escaped to Poland were invited to the homes of Polish operational staff, 30 of them are housed in a hotel that is paid by the money that the foundation has raised. Moreover, we help family members with items of first need such as basic cosmetics etc. The Foundation also helps families with children who need special care to continue their therapy. In addition, legal assistance is provided if needed. Polish ATCOs also help in finding new employment. As a result, 5 Ukrainian female ATCOs were able to start an ATC course with the Italian Air Navigation Services Provider and 1 person is participating in training in Flow Management Position in Eurocontrol'

To buy a patch please send your PayPal payment to [email protected] including your name and address/unit.

Orders are being placed every two weeks, plus postage time from Poland. Therefore, please expect delivery 3-4 weeks from payment.

Thank you for your support.

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