Stronger together

The ATCOs’ Branch has been in regular contact this week with our brothers and sisters across the UK Air Traffic community. Whilst we represent the majority of Air Traffic Controllers and ATM Specialists across numerous ANSPs in the UK,  we also maintain a close contact with those ATCOs and ATM Specialists who are either represented by another Branch of Prospect or represent by other Unions. In these unprecedented and concerning times it is reassuring for all union members to know that the voices of all UK ATCOs’ and Specialists are being heard and coordinated.

This afternoon the Branch held a teleconference with representatives from numerous UK airports, including Inverness, Liverpool, Norwich, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Gatwick, East Midlands, Exeter, Belfast City and Battersea heliport, along with ATCOs’ Branch Executive members covering the NATS portfolio. The purpose of this call was to give everyone the opportunity to hear what it is going on across the UK ATM sector and to offer support and share best practice. These teleconferences will continue as we move forward as all ATCOs  and ATM specialists across the UK come together in the face of this unprecedented challenge.

We are all one UK Air Traffic Family and we will all be stronger together.

In solidarity


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